GNU Screen

Full screen window manager that multiplexes a physical terminal between several processes (typically interactive shells).

Debian package: screen


Quick command list:

Run a new screen session
screen -DRA Reattach to a previously detatched session adapting the size of the windows
screen -ls List sessions
screen -wipe <session> Delete a session
Ctrl-a c Create a new window.
Ctrl-a k Kill the current window – after confirmation
Ctrl-a Ctrl-a Switch to the other window
Ctrl-a S Split the current window in two.
Ctrl-a TAB Move between split sections of the screen.
Ctrl-a A Give the the current window a name.
Ctrl-a ” List all windows – move around to change the window with the arrow keys

Install Dropbox In An Entirely Text-Based Linux Environment

Install Dropbox in an small server (like a netbook or a raspberryPI) can make fast and easy automatic file transfer between your computer and your server.
To do it, follow the instructions in:

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Hello world Delphi

Delphi, also know as Object Pascal is a imperative programming language.

There are few free compilers like FreePascal, IDEs like Lazarus and decompilers like DeDe 3.50.02

This is an example of hello world program runable under Lazarus.

program project1;

  THelloWorld = class
    procedure Put;

procedure THelloWorld.Put;
  Writeln('Hello, World!');

  i: integer;
  Hello2World: THelloWorld;               { this is an implicit pointer }

  Hello2World := THelloWorld.Create;      { constructor returns a pointer to an object of type THelloWorld }

  for i:=0 to 99999 do begin

  Hello2World.Free;                       { this line deallocates the THelloWorld object pointed to by HelloWorld }

Solve black screen camera Skype Linux. Solucionar imagen negra camara Skype

The solution under Debian and Ubuntu and all easy-package-system distros is easy, install libv4l-0.
La solución es facil, instalar libv4l-0.

apt-get install libv4l-0

After that we must launch skype with the next command (you can change the launcher in the menu of the system)
Depues, tan solo debemos lanzar Skype con el siguiente comando (tambien puedes cambiar el lanzador en el menú del sistema)

LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/ skype

If it shows something like “ERROR: object ‘/usr/lib/libv4l/’ from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded: ignored.” we must search the location of the library:
Si nos muestra algo como “ERROR: object can not be preloaded” debemos buscar cual es la ruta de la librería:

LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libv4l/ skype

How to install last version Iceweasel

How to install last version of Iceweasel (Mozilla Firefox) in Debian whatever version of both (testing, unstable, stable, beta, alfa, release…)

Enable delete key in nautilus

Gnome 3 has changed the defult key combination for moving files to trash to CTRL-Del. To switch it back first install the dconf-editor.

Run the dconf-editor by pressing ALT-F2.

Tick the org -> gnome -> desktop -> interface -> can-change-accels option.

Now, in nautilus, select whatever file or folder, open the Edit menu and hover the mouse over the Move to Trash option. Then, with the trash selected, press the Del key twice. The first press clears the keyboard shortcut, and the second press assigns it as the keyboard shortcut.
You should change can-change-accels option to desable again to not allow accidentally changes

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